ClientThe Girls' Lounge is a place for women to connect, discover their confidence and activate the changes they want to see in the world.
Business vision: To unite and empower all women, attract middle to upper female management at Fortune 500 as the core customer for the organization and in the near future, attract the millennials.
Creative solution: The solution was to simplify the look of the logo and create a clean, feminine and elegant brand that attracts both middle to upper female management Fortune 500 and millennials. In order to keep a cohesive look and feel in all communications this was achieved by cretaing a new set of brand rules, redesigning the logo, brand materials and website. This helped strengthen the brand recognition that led to bringing in influential partners such as Michelle Obama and Iman that helped promoting the brand and attract a lager audience. 
Services: Consultancy, Art Direction, Branding, Web Design
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