Client: Capital Privé Suisse is an independent financial services company offering unique access to financial products and investments across the globe to individuals and institutional investors including financial planning and wealth management from offices in Switzerland, Singapore and the United States.
Business vision: Capital Privé Suisse is looking to become the best elite mid-market global investment banking and wealth management firm, by dominating the offshore market for wealth management for Americans. The business vision is to attract US citizens in need of financial planning & wealth management or who need help with private investments, as well as Non-US citizens that need help with private investments &/or wealth management.
Creative solution: One of the client brief challenges was to create a logo that can fit linear and does not include globes. As one of the main advantages of CPS is the global reach of its customers, the brand and visual aspects have been created based on a simple, classic, modern and subtle look using bold shapes connecting with each other that can inspire stability, luxury and the globally feeling. The typography has been chosen to be bold and the colors to be strong and elegant in order to create action and elegancy. An important role was also played by the branding feel highlighting the advantages of CPS focusing on attracting the customers using luxurious business experiences instead of using the technical aspects of the services.
Services: Branding and Consultancy
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